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American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists

Professional society of persons employed by official governmental units responsible for full-time programs of industrial hygiene. Devoted to the development of administrative and technical aspects of worker health protection.

American Industrial Hygiene Association

Professional society of industrial hygienists. Promotes the study and control of environmental factors affecting the health and well-being of industrial workers.

American National Standards Institute

Serves as clearinghouse for nationally coordinated voluntary safety, engineering and industrial standards.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Conducts research; develops boiler, pressure vessel and power test codes. Sponsors American National Standards Institute in developing safety codes and standards for equipment.

American Society of Safety Engineers

Professional society of safety engineers, safety directors and others concerned with accident prevention and safety programs.

American Society for Testing and Materials

Establishes voluntary consensus standards for materials, products, systems and services.

American Welding Society

Professional engineering society in the field of welding. Sponsors seminars and conferences on welding.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Compiles and publishes statistics on occupational injuries and illnesses.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Surveys national disease trends and epidemics and environmental health problems. Promotes national health education program. Administers block grants to states for preventive medicine and health services programs.

Compressed Gas Association

Submits recommendations to appropriate government agencies to improve safety standards and methods of handling, transporting and storing gases. Acts as advisor to regulatory authorities and other agencies concerned with safe handling of compressed gases.

Environmental Protection Agency

Administers federal environmental policies, research and regulations. Provides information on many environmental subjects including water pollution, hazardous and solid waste disposal, air and noise pollution, pesticides and radiation.

U.S. Government Printing Office

Prints, distributes and sells selected publications of the U.S. Congress, government agencies and executive departments.

Mine Safety and Health Administration

Administers and enforces the health and safety provisions of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977.

National Archives and Records Administration

Code of Federal Regulations/Federal Register information.

National Audiovisual Center

Serves as the central source for all federally produced audiovisual materials and makes them available to the public through information and distribution services.

National Fire Protection Association

Develops, publishes and disseminates standards, prepared by approximately 175 technical committees, intended to minimize the possibility and effects of fire and explosion.

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Supports and conducts research on occupational safety and health issues. Provides technical assistance and training. Develops recommendations for OSHA . Operates an occupational safety and health informational bibliographic database.

National Institute of Standards and Technology

Develops engineering measurements, data and test methods. Produces the technical base for proposed engineering standards and code changes. Generates new engineering practices. Aids international competitiveness of small- and medium-sized companies and consortia through technology development and transfer programs.

National Institutes of Health

Supports and conducts biomedical research into the causes and prevention of diseases and furnishes information to health professionals and the public.

National Technical Information Service

Distribution center that sells to the public government-funded research and development reports and other technical analyses prepared by federal agencies, their contractors or grantees. Offers microfiche and computerized bibliography search sercies.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Sets policy, develops programs and implements the OSHA Act of 1970.


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The Business Performance team is dedicated to providing training, human resource and project management professionals with business tools that will improve organizational effectiveness.

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Web development, hosting, database development (Oracle, Access, FileMaker), data conversion, and business software.

Elvex Safety with Style
Elvex manufactures high performance hearing, face and eye protection products, as well as laser safety glasses and logging safety products.

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Some publications will require Adobe® Acrobat Reader®. Download your free copy by clicking on the link.

Download Acrobat Reader (R)

100 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Construction Standards in 1991:
A Guide for the Abatement of the Top 25 Associated Physical Hazards

OSHA Brochure (Reprint: March 1995)

A Guide to Scaffold Use in the Construction Industry
OSHA 3150 (Revised: 2002)

All About OSHA
(Todo Sobre la OSHA)
PDF - English (2056) or Spanish (3173)
OSHA Brochure (Revised: 2003 & 2002)

Analysis of Construction Fatalities - The OSHA DataBase 1985-1989
OSHA 1990 (Printed: November 1990)

Asbestos Standard for General Industry
OSHA 3095 (Revised: 1995)

Asbestos Standard for the Construction Industry
OSHA 3096 (Revised: 1995)

Chemical Hazard Communication
OSHA 3084 (Revised: 1998)

Cold Stress Equation
English Version

OSHA 3156 (English Version: 1998)

Cold Stress Equation (La Ecuación Del Frío)
Spanish Version

OSHA 3158
(Spanish Version/Revised: 1999)

Concepts and Techniques of Machine Safeguarding
OSHA 3067 (Revised: 1992)

Concrete and Masonry Construction
OSHA 3106 (Revised: 1998)

Construction Industry Digest
OSHA 2202 (Revised: 2002)

Construction Resource Manual
OSHA 3149 (Revised: 1998)

Consultation Services for the Employer
OSHA 3047 (Revised: 1997)

Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout)
OSHA 3120 (Revised: 1997)

Controlling Electrical Hazards
OSHA 3075 (Revised: 2002)

Crane or Derrick Suspended Personnel Platforms
OSHA 3100 (Revised: 1993)

Employee Workplace Rights
OSHA 3021 (Revised: 2003)

Employer Rights and Responsibilities Following an OSHA Inspection
OSHA 3000 (Revised: 1999)

Ergonomics Program Management Guidelines for Meatpacking Plants
OSHA 3123 (Revised: 1993)

Ergonomics: The Study of Work
OSHA 3125 (Revised: 1991)

OSHA 2226 (Revised: 1995)

Fall Protection in Construction
OSHA 3146 (Revised: 1998)

Federal Agency Poster
DOC or WPD file

Federal Employer Rights and Responsibilities Following an OSHA Inspection
OSHA Web Presentation (Revised: 1996)

Grain Handling
OSHA 3103 (Revised: 1996)

Ground-Fault Protection on Construction Sites
OSHA 3007 (Revised: 1998)

Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Health Care and Social Service Workers
OSHA 3148 (Revised: 1996)

Hand and Power Tools
OSHA 3080 (Revised: 2002)

Handbook for Small Businesses
OSHA 2209 (Revised: 1996)

Hazard Communication Guidelines for Compliance
OSHA 3111 (Reprinted: 2000)

Hazardous Waste Incinerators
GAO/RCED 95-17 (Printed: January 1995)

Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response
OSHA 3114 (Revised: 1997)

Hearing Conservation
OSHA 3074 (Revised: 2002)

Heat Equation Card
PDF - English
PDF - Spanish
OSHA 3154/3155 (Revised: 2002)

Hospitals and Community Emergency Response - What You Need to Know
OSHA 3152 (Revised: 1997)

How to Prepare for Workplace Emergencies and Evacuations
OSHA 3088 (Revised: 2001)

Incidence Rates of Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
Revised: 2000

Industrial Hygiene
OSHA 3143 (Revised: 1998)

Job Hazard Analysis
OSHA 3071 (Revised: 2002)

Job Safety and Health Protection Poster
HTML - English (3165)
PDF - English (3165) or Spanish (3167)
OSHA Poster (Revised: 2000)

Keeping Your Workplace Safe - Brochure
OSHA Brochure

Lead in Construction
OSHA 3142 (Revised: 1993)

OSHA Log and Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
OSHA 300 Log Form, 300A and 301

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Form
OSHA 174 Form

Materials Handling and Storing
OSHA 2236 (Revised: 2002)

Methylene Chloride
OSHA 3144 (Revised: 1997)

Model Plans and Programs for the OSHA
Bloodborne Pathogens and
Hazard Communications Standards

OSHA 3186-06N (Printed: 2003)

Personal Protective Equipment
OSHA 3151 (Revised: 2003)

Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionaire

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